Note: After being divided into categories, the following have been listed chronologically from oldest to newest. Additionally, poems written during NaPoWriMo are labeled as such. ——————————————————————————————————————————————-


  • Absence She pulls her blankets to her chin/and under them/her hands reminisce
  • Debacle I want to wreck myself on you.
  • Disjointed I recall a muffled flash of indignity
  • Impertinence How am I to behave when the taunt/is what ushers the storm into your brow
  • Most of all Most of all she loved the way/he gripped her like a cliff face
  • DecompositionRube Goldberg masochist.
  • Comely Woman She wore her beauty unpolished

NaPoWriMo begins…

Probably Not Erotic

  • A wakeYou are preserved/as well as I
  • Afterglow Shaking/I try to extract/shards
  • Rupture Hurt/you begged for numbness
  • Stitched Seeing you/so soon after

NaPoWriMo begins…

…NaPoWriMo Ends.

Downright Ridiculous

  • Invictus Cunnus Upon the brink of perverse glee,/I still my swiftly frigging limb

NaPoWriMo begins…

…NaPoWriMo ends.


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