NaPoWriMo 13: A Fairytale

In writing that her hair was gold
and her forehead cool marble
I did not hope
to recreate the portrait
of the nameless beauty
from a dozen sonnets

For alongside marble’s pale
she possessed its weight and
and in the spin of upswept hair
a glint of metal.
She’d heavy limbs
that could spring high
and only land so lightly
not like a cat’s
but like
the horse’s first burst
from a burning

I would often watch her face and hair
and think on how her profile
and giddy empress walk
were far too proud for
the meagerness
of her reality’s trappings.

When we spoke
her voice would flutter from a deep place
like it was trying new wings
as she shared the
she had adopted from several paperbacks
And she’d invite me to admire
the abandoned shells
of long-ago kin
proudly collected and displayed
on the fireplace mantle
across from her reading chair.

An old clan of warriors!
she would exclaim with a dancing spin
and the light of the fire
would race into the coils of her hair
with such vigor as to give the momentary appearance
of a pheonix.
Viewing her thus,
I always felt a dazzling ache

And then a duller one
when the morning light had cooled her–
marble face turned into it
as she buttoned up a polo to her neck.

She wouldn’t have time for breakfast with me,
but would bring back a chicken for dinner
and tell me all about the new character
she’d thought of for a novel
a series of novels. Maybe a trilogy.
It would be about a warrior–
like her ancestors
except it would have a heroine instead of a hero–
I’d hear all about it
before she typed a word.
She would wink conspiratorily at me
and pin on her name badge.

I do wonder
if she published any of those
after I left
or if she found someone else
to view her shell collection
and watch her dance
each night.

I’ve thought of a story
where she meets a magician
who turns her into
a golden nightingale,
and everyone admires her shine
and travels from afar to hear her trillings,
and I’m not the only one
to ever write about her,

I’ll tell you all about it
before I type a word.

4 comments on “NaPoWriMo 13: A Fairytale

  1. brian miller says:

    ha. what an interesting woman…and i wonder as well at your leaving her..and i like too how your echo her in your closing lines…and perhaps in the end you are her…smiles.

  2. Imelda says:

    This is beautifully written. It is at once a beautiful and sad tribute to a woman you knew once.

  3. kkkkaty1 says:

    Whoever she is, I’m curious now, but I guess we have to wait before you not tell it but write about her. 😉

  4. This was great! I could just picture this scene playing out in real life. What a great poem!

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