Seeing you
so soon after
was a kind of cloying
that jerked out
her line of stitches
from sternum to

All present
gently ignored
the way her insides
squeezed and gasped
through rigid
bonepale fingers
as she gripped herself
shut again
and excused herself
to sew.

2 comments on “Stitched

  1. willcrimson says:

    Hi Imp, this is quite good. You do something that too few poets, let alone erotic poets, manage to do, which is write through a metaphor. Call me impressed. My only comment is that the first stanza seems to be in the first person, while the second seems to shift to the third person. Am I reading that right?

    • Thank you, I appreciate you saying so. The first stanza is not in first person, but now that you mention it I can see how many might read it that way. The whole poem is in 2nd person, with the narrator speaking to the reader about someone else. I didn’t want the poem to be about 2 girls, which without names would make the pronouns confusing to follow, and I didn’t want it to be about a girl and a guy, which in a heteronormative cultural context would make it sound to many like a boy and girl romance poem (which is an interpretation I want to neither force on nor deny readers). “You” is conveniently gender flexible. I could perhaps clarify though by adding a “she” or “her” to the first stanza. Hrm. Thanks for the catch.

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