NaPoWriMo 12: …is everyone okay?

Not sure if this is technically a poem, but this is what I wanted to write today. News snippets pulled from this article on The Verge. 



hey, is everyone okay?

im ok

I was just about to send this message, thank you. I’m fine.


wtf even happened

oh good

Justin and I are both fine

I don’t know, here’s the live news feed [link]

Explosions at the marathon have been reported widely across Twitter and…

nope, I died

thanks Karen.

hahaha hows heaven?

No problem. Has anyone heard from Marie?

wouldn’t know. hell’s having a great party though

Guys that’s really not funny.

its kinda funny

I texted Marie Ben and Maggie. Maggie’s gotten back but not the others yet

It’s not even a little funny. People are hurt right now.

Not yet? I’m calling them.

Hey it’s Ben, sorry, just got back home, saw your texts.

what took you so long?

humor is a useful coping method sometimes.

Ben! Oh good. So just Marie then?

…photographers catalog a disaster whose cause is still unknown..

Downtown looks like shite.

call volume is slowing down calls and texts. phone her again in a few.

It’s not coping, it’s mocking.

Alright I’ll do that


the two are not mutually exclusive. but I wasn’t trying to mock.

I’ll call too, one of us should get through eventually.

Well I find it offensive.

u find evrything offensive

Police Department initially said that 23 are injured and 2 dead after briefly reporting 22 injured. Now that number is believed to have risen…

People have DIED. How is that finding everything offensive?!

sorry Karen. I do think though that it is important to be able to keep humor in these kinds of situations. mocking isn’t cool, but I don’t think all jokes during a tragedy are inherently mocking.

Okay, I’m going to try calling her again.

Danny don’t be an asshole

fuck it was just joking

what did I do?

…to 64 injured and at least two dead. Police broadcasts indicate…

No answer. I left her a voicemail

“What did you do?” “You were just joking?” Were you dropped on your head as a child?

yes and u just brought up my chilhood trauma good job i am very offended

Does anyone know whether Marie was actually at the race?

Okay, guys, just chill a second.

You’re disgusting.



Sorry, you’re right. I’m not sure.

Anyone seen a yellow Penske truck? The FBI would be pretty happy to know

sorry karen


Thanks Danny. It’s okay. -I’m starting to get worried.

On the police scanner. Apprently a yellow penske truck was seen trying to access the scene with “medical supplies”. The FBI put an alert out for that

And then took off? Damn.

To be fair, it is Marie. It wouldn’t be uncharacteristic for her to show up in five days asking “what explosion?” Let’s not panic right off

…law enforcement is looking for potential explosive devices…

I guess so. I mean, it would also make sense that someone was just genuinely trying to get supplies in?

heh, true

This is an extenuating circumstance though. Alex, maybe it’s your service provider. I’m going to try calling myself.

20 something injured in the whole city out of like a billion ppl id say her odds are fine


I think it’s 64 now though. better to get in contact and at least check.

…it’s now set at 90 injured and two dead as of 5:45pm ET…

Oh, dammit. No cellphone reception.

So Maggie’s coming over to me and Justin’s, we’re going to stick together indoors anyone else who wants to come is welcome, stay safe

thanks, I might just do that.

Towers are down, try sms? Or Facebook?

can i bring beer?

She’s not online on Facebook. I’ll text again.

Karen we know you’re a bit farther off but you’re welcome too of course

jesus the news is just blowing up.

thanks be over later




Texted Marie. Nothing back yet, but it has only been a minute. I…think I would like to come over. Thank you.

well…calls and messages are getting really cut up and delayed. she’s probably fine.

is nobdy goin to answer the beer q?


Oh my god wtf is wrong with this city, moving to Europe bye guys #BostonMarathon

Prayers go out to those involved/hurt in #BostonMarathon

Law enforcement confirms that 8-year-old girl was victim in bombing [link]

Update on Boston explosions: [link]

President Obama: We are Americans, united in concern [link] #BostonMarathon

After bombing, American flag still flies #BostonMarathon #prayforBoston

Law enforcement confirms that 8-year-old boy was one of the bombing victims [link]

MORE: Video captures explosion, #BostonMarathon panic! [link]

Update: While we’ve seen countless real reports on Twitter, there’s also clearly some misinformation: an apparently fake Boston Marathon account is promising to donate money based on retweets. Officially, a press conference has been called…

13 comments on “NaPoWriMo 12: …is everyone okay?

  1. paul1510 says:

    this is really sad and horrific, the dead and injured are in my thoughts.

  2. I am horrified by the event in Boston ~ My thoughts are with those who died and are injured ~

  3. Tony Maude says:

    What a whirl of emotions – everybody not really knowing what to say or do, but needing to say or do something: you’ve captured that really well.

  4. claudia says:

    it’s just terrible what happened in boston… i already said it on another place, i was not even brave enough to watch the news yet because i was afraid of the pics…and i second what tony says..

  5. It’s the first poem I’ve seen done all in texts. It works. And is timely.

  6. Tino says:

    Love the commentary of this. I use my sick sense of humour at times like these as well, it is definitely a coping mechanism for some of us. Boston will come again and a few million of us will remember those who have died or been injured come the London Marathon this Sunday.

    A very unique look at recent events and the flow works. I did have doubts, but its a credit to you what you have managed to do with this situation.

    • Thank you, I really appreciate you saying so. It was a bit of an experiment, but I wasn’t really sure how else to capture the barrage of…stuff, I was getting from all kinds of communication and media on Monday.

  7. Quickly says:

    This works. Surprisingly well, in fact.
    (I still have the note I wrote in my high school spanish class when Kennedy was assasinated:
    we are temporarily unpresidented) Yep. Humor helps us cope.

  8. poemblaze says:

    Interesting experiment blurring between reporting, prose and poetry. All in all it works. A bit unnerving and raw.

  9. Thank you everyone for the kind thoughts and comments.

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