A different direction

When I initially started this blog, I did so with the intention of creating a kind of “Choose Your Own Adventure” story. Specifically, I wanted to write a choose your own adventure story with oodles of fucking. I still kind of want to do this at some point. I think it’d be fun.

Right now, however, that avenue feels a little forced. And worse, it has prevented me from organizing this blog in a way that makes it easy for readers to navigate and find the kind of poems/stories you’d like to read. I’ve made a couple of changes to the site pages that I hope will somewhat amend this–feel free to comment with feedback or ideas if you’ve any of either.

Presently now, the blog is separated into poetry and prose, with subcategories to divide the erotic pieces from the un/less-erotic. (I had a couple of pieces that were rather difficult to shuffle under one heading or the other, which probably says something interesting about the nature of eroticism.) I am considering the introduction of a third type of writing as well–analytical pieces reflecting either on other works, or on subjects that seem to fit into this blog’s tone/theme. For now, however, this is merely a consideration.

Besides that, life has gotten in the way of me updating as much as I’d like, but I intend to keep uploading things as I pen them. Thanks for reading folks, and take care.