NaPoWriMo 8: First Hot Day

First hot day of the year.

and there I was in a suit

$500 of tailored sophistication
glued with sweat
into each conceivable crevice,
paired with
$80 of gleaming leather pump
stylishly fucking up my feet–
little business-appropriate

and there you were in a sundress

stretched like light
out on the park grass
You were
wrapped in floral print
lifted careless
to the thigh,
playing with a
bit of grass
between pale pink toes

How unbearably
warm it was
when I stood there and looked,
wishing myself
out of my suit
under your dress
and inside that gorgeous nook
too shadowed to see
even though you’d left
your legs resting
just a peek

First hot day of the year.

I went to work
with a dry mouth
and a soaked cunt.