Comely woman

Sorry that posting has been scarce of late folks. Adjusting to a lot of new responsibilities this semester, which have been sucking up the majority of my time. That said, I’ll certainly still be around. Too much imagery knocking around the brain to keep it all bottled up. You just might not be seeing me as regularly. Cheers!



Comely woman

She wore her beauty unpolished
slipping off one cinnamon shoulder
and tying snug around generous hips.

Dusky eyes
calloused fingers
and a too-loud laugh
breaking like brass
from the kind of mouth
a straight man
couldn’t look at
without imagining it
on his cock.

Happiness looked good on her
and she wore it out often.

Slick-tongued and pert

She could always grab up
my attention in fistfuls
and drag it hungry behind her
across the room
where perhaps
lounged the beautiful man
she’d drop that laugh on
and drag hungry
out of my sight for the evening.

And with scotch burning
fresh in the back of my throat
I’d always struggle
one more time to decide

whether I wanted to be her or fuck her.