NaPoWriMo 1: Warmer Weather

It has come a bit late to my attention that April marks the start of National Poetry Writing Month. I have already missed the first three days. But given that poetry is a particular penchant of mine, I feel like three days isn’t too belated to hop on board and give this a shot. Here’s a late Day 1 for me; I look forward to reading what others come up with as well!


Snow forecasted again today.
12 to 18 inches.
You shivered at the window
and said you missed warmer weather

Which is why I asked you to imagine
that my tongue and fingers
belonged to an enamored sun
who you’d come to
gorgeous bare
to have bronze licked into your skin.

I urged you to lie back
and look for shapes
in the chilled vapor clouds
that we breathed into being
with every warming thrust

You’d shivered underneath me then
and parted your legs to my heat

And so I had you the way
wind seizes the branch
and made pleasure
from your
hips, like