Stone after stone tossed

I watch them sink from view
as their ripples fade into the lake’s passive face
and silence returns.

The feel of cotton weighs heavy on my tongue
and my skin is too full of heat.
Spent, I lie down on the water bank
in a bed of upturned soil
and let its damp cool my fever.

My hands are emptied of stones
and my bed is scarred with digging.
Lethargy numbs my limbs.
I have changed nothing.


Post NaPoWriMo: Quick Reflection

Well…it didn’t work out quite as hoped.

I started too late, finished too early, and wrote far too many pieces at 1am after a long day and before an early morning. And I am utterly dissatisfied with how some of the poems turned out.

I am quite proud of others, though. And while I wouldn’t recommend the experience for anyone who is looking to work on the revision end of their writing skills, it certainly does knock you out of the mindset of waiting for inspiration to arrive, and into the mindset of dragging inspiration kicking and screaming out from under a rock. Thanks to all of you folks who took the time to read and comment along over the course of the month. Knowing people are enjoying your work really pushes you through the evenings when you just don’t feel like picking up a pen.

Overall a lovely flurry of a month. I’ll have to try this again next year. In the mean time though, I think I am just going to sit down and enjoy revising my writing nice and slow. Ahh.


NaPoWriMo 24: Sijo~ Beneath

Hey folks, quick note–

It’s finals time for me, and life is getting desperately busy. I will continue writing, and won’t always get to respond as much to comments, but I read and appreciate every one. Thanks for reading.



Wrapped tight in lace, she knots a mass of curls at the nape of her neck,
applies neat rouge, and smoothes her skirt with slender, polished hands.
Beneath his plug stretches her wide; wetness slicks the inner thigh.

NaPoWriMo 22: Shedding

I am upset, because I am bad at not wanting you.

I have tried, mind you–
New diverting hobbies
Coffee with other people
Sex with other people
And all these things I always
shed like a skin
and my lust for you remains
a constant thriving thing
pulsing warmth into
the new skin growing beneath

I wish I could pinpoint the exact moment
when you sunk to those places inside me
that cannot be removed
without uprooting bits of
attached flesh,
tissues of the deep kind–
not the thin, flimsy layers
I scratch off month by month
while trying to claw down to the itch beneath.

I wish I could
(during our inevitable relapse)
wrap my legs around you
fast enough,
cum around you
tight enough,
that I could hold you within me
and not release you
until you’re willing to dig around
find the wanting you left in me,
and take the goddamn thing with you.


please, please,
I want you
but not this aching thing
in between–
get it out of me

NaPoWriMo 21: Idly wanting

A warm tingle
sparks dully
in my lower abdomen
as I lie on my back,
stare at the ceiling,
and roll a memory
between my back teeth.

My limbs are magnetized by my lethargy.
The ground pulls them.

A finger rubs absently
at the inch below
my waistband.
My hips push slightly upwards,
never leaving the mattress,
hold a moment
and then collapse slow
like a sigh.

I am,
it seems,
too tired
for the vigorous frigging
of masturbation–
though not nearly too tired
to lie back
and idly want you.

NaPoWriMo 19: Morning Glory

as you’re waking
I touch you just this way–
and everything seems to

Your lips
nostril flare
and much lower, here–

All widening
all receptive

And you can’t seem to take in enough

Greedy one
the only choice you leave
for me, who views you thus
is to fill you over
and over
until you spill