Post NaPoWriMo: Quick Reflection

Well…it didn’t work out quite as hoped.

I started too late, finished too early, and wrote far too many pieces at 1am after a long day and before an early morning. And I am utterly dissatisfied with how some of the poems turned out.

I am quite proud of others, though. And while I wouldn’t recommend the experience for anyone who is looking to work on the revision end of their writing skills, it certainly does knock you out of the mindset of waiting for inspiration to arrive, and into the mindset of dragging inspiration kicking and screaming out from under a rock. Thanks to all of you folks who took the time to read and comment along over the course of the month. Knowing people are enjoying your work really pushes you through the evenings when you just don’t feel like picking up a pen.

Overall a lovely flurry of a month. I’ll have to try this again next year. In the mean time though, I think I am just going to sit down and enjoy revising my writing nice and slow. Ahh.


One comment on “Post NaPoWriMo: Quick Reflection

  1. paul1510 says:

    a very interesting experience. 🙂

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